Simple [Sim-puhl]

Simple [Sim-puhl]
1. easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.
2. not elaborate or artificial; plain
3. not ornate or luxurious; unadorned

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Real Food Journey; Starting Line

On your marks!
-Grass-fed meat animals and Gelatin, Pasture-raised Dairy Products/Raw when available, Fresh non-GMO produce as pesticides-free as possible, Soaked Grains, Nuts, and Legumes, avoid artificial colorings and preservatives as much as possible, eat only natural sugars in the and eat that liver now and then.
Get set!
-Find markets to shop that carry affordable foods as discribed above, learn to cook said foods, organize a schedule for preparing those foods, purge any foods that don't meet said standards, construct a support system to fall back on when opposition piques.
-This is not a race. But when I really started studying the "Real Food Diet," I raced to meet it. I read and studied and weighed out evidence, testimonials, facts. More and more information and first-hand experiences found me, and as I studied and learned, I was astonished by how familiar, logical, and we'll-grounded it all was. This is nothing new to me! My body and mind already knows all this stuff, the problem is, I had forgotten. The more fast-food, prepackaged cookies, chips, candy, cold cerial and low-fat dairy I ate, the more I had forgotten.
I had forgotten what my body was supposed to feel like! After only two days, eating soaked whole wheat blueberry muffins, Southern Goulash using grass-fed ground beef with steamed buttered beet tops on the side, homemade soaked whole wheat bread, roasted chicken, asparagas Mashed Potatoes gravy and pan-fried chicken liver and onions, I feel fifteen years younger. I have also been wearing homemade deodorant and using homemade cosmetics, and my skin is more vibrant, and bright than it's been in years. I am a believer! It's clear to me now, all those packaged cookies, crackers, canned soups, not to mention packaged multigrain breads, hamburgers, burritos, non-organic apples, nutriant-lacking eggs and over-sugared yogurts. They were all compromises for the real food I hadn't made, and it has made me sick. Not specifically sick, not yet I hope. But, generally sick, lack of interest in most things, lack of energy, overly-horomonal, easily taking offense, achy muscles, joint pains, lack of motivation... Sound familiar?
Today I took a walk with my son and was shocked at all I had been missing on our previous walks. The colors, smells, sounds had all been easily over-looked were vibrant and exciting to me now!

I had forgotten how good real food tastes. I though whole wheat muffins were dense and bitter and coarse. Soaking grains really works! The whole wheat becomes softer, lighter and has a richer flavor. It satisfies my hunger much better and fuels my day longer. I feel stronger and I can feel my muscles perk up as if to say, "step off fat, this bear is awake!" I had always soaked dry beans over night so I can't say I have seen much of a difference there except when I add them to dishes where I would normally use canned beans, I can definitely tell a difference, my body feels more nutritionally fed, and alive.
Grass-fed Beef tastes so much better, I can't really explain it accept it tastes more like meat, and it's more satisfying. Pastured eggs are richer, raw milk is more fresh and just tastes better- I didn't ever enjoy pasteurized milk even before.
Eating more fresh and frozen vegetables just feels right. When I go shopping I tell myself, just say no to the can and the box, they only save a few minutes anyway and leave me feeling nutritionally deprived.
We need nutrition! Not just stuff to call food and put in our stomaches! In order for our bodies to function well so we can enjoy life we need a good quality fuel to run on just like a car does. We will get better mileage, need fewer repairs, and just have a more pleasant journey if we do. My dad told me when I was leaving for college, "now take good care of your car and it will take good care of you." Same goes for most things. I really can't afford to not get a regular oil change, or my tires rotated and aired up. How about a little grass-fed liver now and then? It doesn't taste so bad when it's prepared correctly. Then again, who can notice an unusual texture when the body is giving such a rockus standing ovation with every bite? (Really, I could feel my body cheering me on!) When I'm craving something and don't know why I believe my body not the ever-changing theories about diet. Every time I went to the grocery store I eyed the frozen liver. It was a special at a restaurant I went to but my husband would recite it was bad for me. Finally last night as I was preparing our roast chicken, I began to salivate as I pulled out, and rinsed the liver. You don't have to be a hippie to know when your body needs nutrition. As soon as I put the chicken in the oven I set to cooking liver and onions the way my grandmother had taught my mother.

Good Liver and Onions
Mix flour with some salt and pepper (I now know sprouted whole wheat flour is the best choice.) Dredge the rinsed liver in flour mixture. Melt a good amout of butter in a pan when hot drop breaded liver in and let it sear on medium heat. Slice onions and sprinkle on top. Then flip the whole mess over, pour in water and cover until cooked done. Be sure to get all that delicious butter (or ghee) poured over top the liver and onions to serve. Let sit to cool and soften, then enjoy.
If cooking calf liver use a cup of water to steam. I used a quarter cup for the chicken liver. Don't be tempted to peak in and let all the steam out before it starts sizzling either.
Enjoy a nutrient dense meal! Your body will thank you/reward you!